What is Electroforming?

Electroforming is the process of growing metal on a piece,
using an electric current and an acid bath.

The first step in creating the piece is to put all of the elements together.

Once I am happy with the arrangement i coat them with multiple coats of conductive paint where i want the copper to grow.  
Next, they are placed in the acid bath and hooked up to an electric current.
This current removes small particles of copper from the anode to the acid, and deposits them on the piece. 
The actual electroforming process (after the piece is put together) takes anywhere from 24-72 hours.

when pieces are in the bath they are moved and checked on regularly, and the process is sometimes paused to ensure even growth.
Once the piece is finished forming, it is removed from the bath, neutralized, patinaed,
neutralized, polished, and then with one final wash, your piece is completed!
After this, i craft chains for necklaces, or hooks for the earrings,
take a picture of your piece and post it here for you!