How do i...?

There are many ways to cleanse your stones, here are some of my favourites:

  • Under the moon: Place crystals in a dish and allow to sit in the moonlight overnight.

  • In running/moving water: Holding your crystals in the ocean, or a river is a lovely way to cleanse your crystals. Be sure they are NOT water-soluble (ie. Selenite), and that you have a good grip on them!

  • Selenite: Placing your crystals on a piece of selenite is a really simple way to cleanse them!

  • Sage/Palo Santo: Holding your stones in the smoke of burning sage, Palo Santo, or bay leaf. You can burn your chosen organic in a small dish or abalone shell and waft the smoke over your stones with a feather or your hand.

  • Smudge spray: you can use a smudge spray if burning isn’t something you’re comfortable with.

Cleanse my stones:
Program my stones:
  • Setting the intention in your piece, or in any stone is as easy as focusing your energy, concentrating on your stone and intention, and telling the stone what to do.

  • I like to rub my hands together until I feel warmth, cup my hands around my stone(s) to enclose them, concentrate on what I want them to do, then focus on communicating that to my stones. There is not a set time limit for how long this will take. It is different for every person, stone, and intention. When you feel you have been heard, you are done.

  • It is important not to overwhelm them. Give them one task. Less is more when it comes to setting intentions in crystals. They need clear, concise, and direct instructions. and always make sure to say thank you!

measure my wrist:
  • the easiest way to measure your wrist is with a soft tape measurer.You want to wrap the tape snugly around your wrist and take the measurement to the closest 1/2'. if you are between sizes, it is best to go up. for example if you are at 6 1/4" it would be best to go up to 6.5" as opposed to 6'

  • another way to measure is with a piece of string. Wrap the string snugly around your wrist, then measure with a ruler. again going up to the closest 1/2".

find my ring size:
  • the best way to find your ring size is to use a ring sizer. If you don't have one, a jeweller will be able to measure for you. 

  • another way is to use the ring sizing guide in the avon catalogue. it is not quite as accurate but it will be close enough.

  • if neither of those are an option, you can use on of the many ring sizing techniques online