Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Amazonite, and Mookaite Goddess
  • This one of a kind goddess has been created using raw amethyst, a stunning natural ctrine, tiger eye, amazonite, and has mookaite beads on the 26 inch chain.


    From light to dark purple, Amethyst is calming, soothing, helps relieve stress, irritability, and negativity. Known by ancient cultures as the “sober stone” as it was believed to prevent against drunkenness. Helps balance mood swings and let go of anger and fear. Helps manage anxiety. Associated with the crown chakra, and third eye, and Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Believed to ease tension, and headaches, and boost the immune system.


    Amazonite is a soothing stone that is said to be calming to the brain and nervous system. Amazonite helps one see both sides of the situation and helps to balance feminine and masculine energies. It helps soothe emotions and emotional trauma, is associated with the throat chakra, and is said to help the wearer speak their truth.


    Citrine is a stone of abundance, particularly monetary abundance, and is very useful in regulating the emotions.


    Tiger eye is a golden-brown stone with cat’s eye looking parts. Tiger eye is a stone of protection and luck. It is associated with Capricorn, and the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Helps with fear and anxiety. Helps promote focus and mental clarity. Balances mood swings and yin and yang energy. Helps one to take action and make good decisions. Believed to help the reproductive organs, throat, eyes, and broken bones.


    Mookaite helps us accept change and seek new experiences, awakens natural instincts, aids in decision making, increase self-confidence and self-worth, realize full potential, overcoming procrastination, will power, motivation, focused, grounding, sooths the mind, focus, instinct, thought to boost the immune system and slow aging, restorative to tissues, reduces stress, fertility, find core issues, release negative experiences, flexibility, Base/Root Chakra (red) and Sacral Chakra (gold and scarlet), gut feelings, flow of energy, go with the flow, mind/body connection.


    All of my pieces come beautifully packaged ready to give or keep. Each piece comes with cleansing and programming instructions as well as information about the stones.

    Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Amazonite, and Mookaite Goddess


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