Amethyst Topper Essential Oil Bottle
  • This little vial bottle has been topped with a beautiful raw amethyst and electorformed in copper. Bottle comes with a dropper insert if you want it! You can out anything in this bottle - water from a special place, sand, soil, essential oil, baby hair, a tooth, cat whisker, anything that you feel is important and you want to be close to. The amethyst will impart its energy into whatever you put inside.


    This piece comes on a complimentary 27" chain. If you would like to add a custom length and/or gemstone accented chain, please add on from the chain section under the shop menu option.


    From light to dark purple, Amethyst is calming, soothing, helps relieve stress, irritability, and negativity. Known by ancient cultures as the “sober stone” as it was believed to prevent against drunkenness. Helps balance mood swings and let go of anger and fear. Helps manage anxiety. Associated with the crown chakra, and third eye, and Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Believed to ease tension, and headaches, and boost the immune system.

    Amethyst Topper Essential Oil Bottle

    Dropper insert
    Complimentary 27" chain

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