Angel Aura and Howlite Smoking Clip
  • This smoking clip has been wire wrapped with howlite and angel aura quartz and is ready for your enjoyment.


    White to light grey with darker grey markings. Often dyed and sold inaccurately as turquoise. Howlite is believed to strengthen memory and stimulate the desire for knowledge and learning. Helps to calm the mind, teach patience, and eliminate stress, pain, and rage. Facilitates communication and helps one express their emotions. Helps relieve anxiety. Associated with Gemini. Believed to aid teeth, bones, soft tissue, and osteoporosis.


    Angel aura quartz is crystal quartz that had been atomically bonded with platinum and silver. It is believed to help balance energies, provide inner piece, mental clarity, and provide a protective shield to your aura.

    Angel Aura and Howlite Smoking Clip


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