Chakra Crystal Healing Bracelet

Chakra Bracelets help to balance and activate all of your chakras! The stones in this bracelet are:

Red: Carnelian – stabilizing, motivation, vitality, creativity, trust in self, grounding, Root Chakra

Orange: Sunstone – luck, intuition, stress, joy, positivity, Sacral Chakra

Yellow: Yellow Onyx – healing wounds, regulating organ function, ailments in the eyes and ears, Solar Plexus Chakra

Green: Green Moss Agate – new beginnings, abundance, self-esteem, safety in pregnancy, Heart Chakra

Blue: Sodalite – calming, stabilizing, harmony, boosts intuition and metabolism, Throat Chakra

Purple: Amethyst – calm, protection, balance, peace, patience, Third Eye chakra

Clear: Crystal Quartz – Known as the Master Healer, healing, energizing, protection, boosts the properties of the crystals around it, Crown Chakra

Black: Lava – Connection to Mother Earth, grounding, can be used with essential oils as a natural diffuser

Chakra Crystal Healing Bracelet