Chakra Earrings
  • These chakra earrings are made from genuine gemstones and copper wire, and they hang from handmade hooks. This style earrings can be made with any of my availabe gemstones, please message me if you have a question or an idea!
    Red: Carnelian – stabilizing, motivation, vitality, creativity, trust in self, grounding, Root Chakra
    Orange: Sunstone – luck, intuition, stress, joy, positivity, Sacral Chakra
    Yellow: Yellow jade: healing wounds, regulating organ function, ailments of the eyes and ears, Solar Plexus Chakra
    Green: Green Moss Agate – new beginnings, abundance, self-esteem, safety in pregnancy, Heart Chakra
    Blue: Sodalite – calming, stabilizing, harmony, boosts intuition and metabolism, Throat Chakra
    Purple: Amethyst – calm, protection, balance, peace, patience, Third Eye chakra

    Chakra Earrings