Crystal Quartz and Blue Apatite Necklace
  • This clear crystal Quartz has been electroformed in solid copper and accented with three blue apatite beads. It comes on a 23” chain and is ready for years of enjoyment!


    Blue apatite is believed to aid in weightless and improve your personal power to attain gaols. It helps clear confusion, apathy, and negativity, and helps expand knowledge and truth for the collective good.


    Crystal Quartz is known as the Master Healer. Supports all systems in the body. Increases the vibrations and properties of the crystals and metals around it. Crystal quartz is fantastic at focusing healing energy where you want it and is easily programed with your intentions.


    Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and Divine feminine energy. Inner growth, strength, and helps sooth emotional troubles. Moonstone is very beneficial for symptoms associated with menopause and your lunar cycle.

    Crystal Quartz and Blue Apatite Necklace