Hand Sculpted Goddess on Crystal Quartz (#5)
  • This one of a kind goddess has been hand sculpted on top of a crystal quartz and electroformed in solid copper. She will come on a custom chain and you can choose the length and stone type from the drop down-menus below. Each goddess is sculpted from the same materials in the same way, however, each goddess turns out truly unique and one of a kind. The best way to choose is to find the one that calls to you, as that is the one that was meant for you.


    Crystal Quartz is known as the Master Healer. Supports all systems in the body. Increases the vibrations and properties of the crystals and metals around it. Crystal quartz is fantastic at focusing healing energy where you want it and is easily programed with your intentions.


    Copper is an essential element for our bodies and is known to reduce pain and inflammation. Microscopic amounts will be absorbed by the body when needed. It is said to help greatly with arthritis.


    All of my pieces come beautifully packaged ready to give or keep. Each piece comes with cleansing and programming instructions as well as information about the stones.

    Hand Sculpted Goddess on Crystal Quartz (#5)

    Chain Length
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