Moss Agate Small Palm Stone
  • Green moss agate is an incredibly beautifyl stone and one of my personal favourites! Each one is like it's own little world and you will never get tired of looking at it!


    These small palmstones are perfect for ritual, crystal healing, or display. They firt perfectly in your purse or pocket and are fantastic to fiddle with throughout the day!


    Green moss agate is associated with Virgo and the Heart Chakra. Stone of prosperity, abundance, success, healing, restoration, creativity. Strength. Helps develop new friendships and to find a compatible lover. New beginnings. Promotes self-expression, communication, and self-esteem. Helps with fear, stress, depression, balancing emotions. Believed to speed up recovery from illness, and help the circulatory system, infections, colds, flu, fungal and skin infections, fever. Known as the “Midwives stone” as it believed to ensure a healthy pregnancy and aid in lowering pain while ensuring a safe delivery.

    Moss Agate Small Palm Stone


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