Protection Intention Kit
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    Protection Intention Kit

    To welcome protection to yourself and others in travel and living space.



    Small bottle of salt, small bottle of black sand, crystal quartz, obsidian, tiger eye, amethyst, blue candles, organza carrying pouch.



    • Place one candle and remaining contents of pouch (you don’t have to remove the items from the jars) on a heat proof dish.
    • Light the candle and drip a bit of wax on the dish and put the candle on it to secure the candle in a standing position.
    • Rub your hands together to generate some heat, place your hands around your dish (be careful! Candles are HOT!).
    • Think with gratitude about how being safe feels. Picture white light surrounding yourself, your living space, and those you wish to offer protection to. Imagine yourself protected throughout your daily activities. Setting the intention with gratitude will show the Universe you are open to all of the protection it has available for you!
    • When you feel that the candle and stones have heard you, say thank you, remove your hands, and let the candle burn down (NEVER leave a lit candle unattended).
    • When finished and cool, return everything to the carrying pouch for future use.


    When you run out of candles, any blue candles will work in their place. You can use you Love Intention Kit indefinitely, and I recommend using it anywhere from once a day to once a week. It is up to you to determine how often you feel you need to set this intention.


    *Dug and Mary Designs accepts no liability for your use of this kit

    Protection Intention Kit

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