Water Element Bottle
  • This glass vial pendant has been filled with moon charged, crystal infused water and a crystal quartz point. It has been permanently sealed and electroformed in solid copper. The 6" chain has been accented with denim lapis. The quartz can be charged with your intention and the water will help amplify the vibrations of the quartz. This piece will help connect you to the water element.


    Crystal Quartz is known as the Master Healer. Supports all systems in the body. Increases the vibrations and properties of the crystals and metals around it. Crystal quartz is fantastic at focusing healing energy where you want it and is easily programed with your intentions.


    Denim lapis is a combination of lapis lazuli and white calcite and holds the properties of both. It promotes self-awareness and self-expression, honesty, compassion, and morality. Cleanses environmental energy, restores motivation, and facilitates insight.

    Water Element Bottle


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